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Community Room

Terms & Conditions

Please complete the form below if you are renting the community room

One Community Now, LLC Community Room Rental Contract

By submitting this Community Room Rental Agreement, I am willfully entering into a rental contract with One Community Now, LLC and agreeing to the following terms and conditions. I understand that these terms and conditions may change at any time at the discretion of One Community Now, LLC.


By and Between One Community Now and the individual and company listed in this agreement form. One Community Now, LLC may be referred to as "Us", "Our", "Their", "OCN", "Owner" and includes the One Community Now, LLC Partners for the remainder of this agreement and any other legal documents. You, the Renter, may be referred to as "You", "Your", "Independent Contractor" or "Renter".

This letter shall serve as our agreement with respect to your relationship with One Community Now, LLC; their physical office location(s) and compensation for your services


The condition and arrangements within the Community Room and other rooms that may be used during your rental(s) convey as-is. Use of present furnishings and equipment is permitted, but you will be required to replace any consumable items at your own expense and will be responsible for the cost to replace or repair any items damaged during your use of the room. You will also be responsible to bring your own items needed for any workshops or classes. There will be no open flames permitted in any room.


You will have the option for each event to be a renter of the facility and take care of your own marketing and advertising. These events will be put on our calendar and you can list us as a co-host but all other event planning and execution will be your sole responsibility.

Your rental cost will be paid at the moment of reservation through our online platform unless alternative arrangements have been made with OCN. Rental costs for the use of the Community Room are:

$30 members/$40 non-members for 2 hours

$50 members/$75 non-member for a ½ day (9am to 3pm or 3pm to 9pm)

$100 members/$125 non-members for a full day.

You also have the option to make your events One Community Now sponsored events. This will entail a one time (per event) non-refundable, flat fee of $25 to cover event set up and marketing and advertising online. Arrangements can be made to take payments if necessary as well. In this case you would agree to pay the center 30% of all fees up to the fee scale listed above (after 5% fee for credit card processes has been deducted if applicable).

If you would like to be listed on the One Community Now website with a click through to your website, there will be a $20 a month service charge for this service. Your information will be listed with a photo or video with a link to your website and you will be promoted at least 1 time per month on our social media platforms as well.


For Community Room rentals, should an OCN representative be present for your class (and it is a non-certification class) we would request their participation in the class at no cost (maximum of one representative per class).


As you may be using the building alone, you will be responsible for the following when entering/leaving the building:

Locking/unlocking front door with keypad entry given

Turn on/off lights

Adjust heating/AC settings (65 winter/74 summer)

First in, last out rules apply if multiple practitioners are in the building at one time. Damages or losses due to these responsibilities not being met will be at the expense of the independent contractors last to leave.


Both One Community Now and the renter recognize that the professional services to be rendered pursuant to this agreement are special, unique, and extraordinary in character and in the event of a breach by either party, the other party shall be entitled, if s/he so elects, to terminate this association at once with written notice.

This contract may be terminated if any unethical or immoral occurrences are reported on the premises by One Community Now staffing or if direct observation is made by the team. Additionally if any acts compromise the integrity of the Center’s reputation, this warrants the premise for immediate termination of the contract with the independent contractor without notice.


By signing this you also agree to have your own certifications, licenses and liability insurance needed for your event and agree that all events will be held in accordance with Virginia and federal government laws.


This agreement represents the entire agreement and all prior agreements between us whether written or verbal are hereby incorporated in this agreement which represents the entire understanding between us.

Address: 816 Franklin Rd SW, Roanoke, VA 24016

Phone: (540) 251-1055