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Practitioner Room

Terms & Conditions

Please complete the form below if you are renting a practitioner room

One Community Now, LLC Practitioner Room Rental Contract

By submitting this Practitioner Room Rental Agreement, I am willfully entering into a rental contract with One Community Now, LLC and agreeing to the following terms and conditions. I understand that these terms and conditions may change at any time at the discretion of One Community Now, LLC.


By and Between One Community Now and the individual and company listed in this agreement form. One Community Now, LLC may be referred to as "Us", "Our", "Their", "OCN", "Owner" and includes the One Community Now, LLC Partners for the remainder of this agreement and any other legal documents. You, the Renter, may be referred to as "You", "Your", "Independent Contractor" or "Renter".

This letter, once signed, shall serve as our agreement with respect to your relationship with One Community Now, LLC; their physical office location(s) and compensation for your services. 


The term of this agreement shall be valid for a period of one year from the initial start date of today (the date of purchase submission) and thereafter may be extended or modified as mutually agreed by us. All notices and/or modifications of this agreement shall be in writing and signed by all parties. 

Only the Renter is allowed to provide services and/or use the rented space. Subletting, borrowing or sharing of the rented space from the Renter is not allowed.


The condition and arrangements within the rented room convey as-is. Any additional furnishings or decorations desired will be incurred on behalf of the Independent Contractor and are subject to approval of OCN. Use of present furnishings and equipment is permitted and you are required to replace any consumable items provided. You will be held responsible for the repair or replacement cost of any OCN property damaged during your use or use of your clients/guests. You are also responsible for bringing your own sheets, lotions and other items you require for your provided services. Personal items may remain stored at OCN but need to be kept in an approved storage area if renting a shared space as to not interfere with other practitioners using the shared room. Renters contracting for a monthly room rental may keep all belongings in their dedicated room until the contract is terminated. OCN is not responsible for any damage or loss of the Renter's personal property stored or used on the premises.


Additionally, said independent contractor will be responsible for locking his/her clientele files/ waivers and keeping those files/data HIPAA compliant by the Commonwealth Law of Virginia.


Necessary and proper operating expenses such as rent, utilities and Internet/WiFi shall be paid by OCN with the exception of your personal and your business bills/expenses. You will be responsible for having and maintaining your certification(s), license(s) and malpractice insurance. OCN may request copies of all licenses and insurance at any time. You will be held financially, legally and otherwise responsible for any perceived or real damages incurred by you, your clients and/or your guests while at any OCN location or sponsored event.


You will be given a unique security code and instructions for locking and unlocking the door. This code is for your use only and is not to be shared.

As you will frequently be using the building alone, you will be responsible for the following when entering/leaving the building. 

a. Locking/unlocking front door with keypad entry given.

b. Turn on/off lights.

c. Adjust heating/AC settings (65 winter/74 summer).

First in, last out rules apply if multiple practitioners are in the building at one time. Damages or losses due to these responsibilities not being met will be at the expense of the independent contractors last to leave. 


Schedules will be kept through Automation on a Mission scheduling software and Google applications.

Room reservations will be on a first come first serve basis.

Dedicated Monthly, One-Day and Three-Day rentals include a reservation for a dedicated room that is automatically renewed and payment charged to your credit card on file each month. If there is not an automatic credit card payment, payment is due by the 1st of each month. Rental is for the calendar month.

One-Time/Ad-Hoc By Session, Half Day and Full Day room rentals include a reservation for the chosen room based on availability and payment will be remitted at the time of scheduling as part of the reservation purchase. Shared practitioner rooms will be furnished by OCN with a massage table and side table, and the "reading rooms" will be furnished with a small table and two chairs. If payment is not made as part of the purchase, payment is due by the 5th of the following month for all rentals for the previous month.

In the case of late payments, a 10% penalty will be added to the outstanding amount due and digital key access will be removed until payment is received. OCN reserves the right to permanently refuse future rental opportunities for late or non-payment of dues/fees.


Monthly Dedicated Room - Double room and window rooms $425, all others $375.  30-day written notice of contract cancellation required. Includes:

  • a. Monthly OCN Membership

  • b. Business information on the OCN website

  • c. At least one monthly post about your services

  • d. Membership discounts on any other rentals in the building.  

Daily Dedicated Room - A specified room reservation for 1 specified day each week for the month (ex. Oak Room every Monday) for $125 or 3 specified days each week for the month for $250 (ex.Spruce Room every Friday, Saturday, Sunday). For the dedicated 3-day option, specified days cannot be changed without prior approval from OCN and must be the same days each week. 30-days written notice of contract cancellation required. Includes: 

a. Monthly OCN Membership

  • b. Business information on the OCN website

  • c. At least one monthly post about your services

  • d. Membership discounts on any other rentals in the building.   

Ad-Hoc by Session (2 hour block)

- Practitioner Room: $20 members/$25 non-members

  • - Magnolia Room (reading room): $15 members/$20 non-members)

Ad-Hoc Half Day (9am to 3pm or 3pm to 9pm)

  • - Practitioner Room:  $40 members/$50 non-members

  • - Magnolia Room (reading room): $30 members/$40 non-members

Ad-Hoc Full Day

- Practitioner Room: $80 members/$100 non-members

  • - Magnolia Room (reading room): $60 members/$80 non-members

Practitioner Website Listing (for Ad-Hoc Room Renters)

Cost is $20/month. Payment will be automatically charged to your credit card every month. If automatic payment is not made, fee is due by the 1st of the month. 30-day written notice of cancellation is required. Includes:

  • - Practitioner listing on the One Community Now website with a photo, short description of services and link to click through to your website.

  • - You will be promoted at least one time per month on our social media platforms.

OCN Building Rental Notice

One Community Now reserves the right to offer up to 4 full building rental per year to other parties.  You will be given a 30-day notice of such events. If you are renting a shared room, your room may be used for these events. If you are a Dedicated Monthly Renter, your room will not be used for these events. Monthly Renters need to ensure that their door is locked before such events.

Additional Notes

Please note that community meetings and events can be happening in the meeting room during your practice hours.  Most events will be on evenings and weekends and our event sponsors will be asked to be respectful of those working in the space.

There will be an in/out board in the lobby.  Please be sure to indicate your status so others will know that you are in the building.


Both One Community Now and the Renter recognize that the professional services to be rendered pursuant to this agreement are special, unique, and extraordinary in character and in the event of a breach by either party, the other party shall be entitled, if s/he so elects, to terminate this association at once with written notice. 

This contract may be terminated if any unethical or immoral occurrences are reported on the premises by One Community Now staffing or if direct observation is made by the team. Additionally, if any acts compromise the integrity of the Center’s reputation, this warrants the premise for immediate termination of the contract with the independent contractor without notice. The definition of unethical, immoral and compromised integrity is at the discretion of OCN. There will be no refunds in the event of early contract termination.

By completing the automated reservation form or providing a signed contract, you further agree that all room usages will be held in accordance with Virginia and Federal government laws.  

This agreement represents the entire agreement and all prior agreements between us whether written or verbal are hereby incorporated in this agreement which represents the entire understanding between us. 


One Community Now Partners and Agreed Upon by the Entered Person and their associated Business as of the Date of Submitted Purchase.

Address: 816 Franklin Rd SW, Roanoke, VA 24016

Phone: (540) 251-1055